The Myths of Epoxy Coatings

Having a nice flooring is something that every home and business owner wants. It is the invitation for visitors and employees to feel welcomed once they come inside. If an epoxy flooring is chosen to make their floor look outstanding, then it can bring a transformed new look to any room. However, many homeowners and business owners have misconceptions about epoxy flooring that pauses them in making the improvements they need for their home or business.

Expensive Flooring

Having new flooring may be something that seems draining when thinking about the work, time, and money put into it, but if epoxy flooring is chosen for an improvement project, then the investment will be worth it. With easy maintenance and long lasting durability, you may have to pay more up front, but it is better than the cheaper concrete flooring that many choose to go with. 

Homeowners and Businesses Can Install Epoxy Themselves

While installing epoxy flooring yourself may sound like the way to go, there are other factors that need to be looked at before making the final decision to do it. One factor is the mix kit that comes in a DIY kit for epoxy flooring. It may not be the same quality as a professional-grade coating. If this is something that you encounter, then you may end up spending more money than necessary just to get the results you want for your flooring. Without the experience or the right tools to go with you doing it yourself, you may run into problems when trying to install your epoxy. Therefore, it is always best to go with getting assistance from a professional.

Using Paint is the Same as Epoxy

Epoxy may look like paint, but it is not the same as using paint. If you use paint on your floor you will not receive the same results as epoxy, because epoxy is a resin that is resistant to moisture and creates an impenetrable barrier. If you are looking for the best results for your flooring, it is always best to go with epoxy instead of paint.