4 Tricks to Keeping the Shine in Your Epoxy

A nice shine to your floor with epoxy always stands out when guests walk into the room. It catches the eye with a welcome and gives guests the bold cleanliness of a clean home or business. With the help of epoxy flooring, business owners have gained confidence in their building and have kept the pride in their professional image. However, for epoxy to continue to make a home or business look outstanding, the shine in the flooring has to be maintained.

Clean Floors Regularly

Keeping your floors maintained is a definite way to keep the shine in your epoxy. When you are ready to clean your floors, you should know what cleaners will work best with your epoxy flooring and if they are gentle enough to maintain the shine. Another way to make sure the shine is kept in epoxy floors is to wipe up a spill or mess immediately with a soft cloth or rag. Vacuuming the dust and debris and mopping regularly will keep your epoxy floors clean as well. 

Keep Your Epoxy Floors From Being Damaged

Over time epoxy flooring can become dull or damaged, but there are measures that can be taken to reduce the amount of damage created. For example, if you have epoxy in your garage, placing protective pads on bicycle and motorcycle stands can keep the epoxy from being scratched. If you have epoxy flooring in your home, putting soft pads under furniture with metallic legs will keep from scratching it as well. You may also want to put floor rugs down to help protect the flooring from any scratches or spills. 

Get the Tough Stains Out

If regular cleaning is failing to keep the stains off of your epoxy flooring, you may have to take a little more of an aggressive approach to remove the stains. Using diluted ammonia is a recommendation that is good to use for epoxy flooring. Don’t use pure ammonia or bleach to try to get the tough stains out because it could cause permanent damage. However, with the use of the diluted ammonia with water and a soft bristled brush, the stains will come out. 

Hire a Professional For Perfection

If you are not able to make your epoxy flooring as perfectly clean as you want them to be, then hiring a professional will get the job done. These knowledgeable professionals will know which cleaners to use and what will keep your flooring protected for years to come. Their equipment is state-of-the-art and they are trained to know how to restore epoxy flooring. So if you want to save yourself time and money, hiring a professional to clean and restore your epoxy will bring you great satisfaction.