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Here at Wise Coatings, we turn drab into dreamy. From your first call to the last square inch of installation, your experience and our quality are always top of mind – and it shows!
Epoxy floor coating technology has come a long way over the past few years. Peeling, cracking and reapplication are all disappointments of the past. With our trademarked POLYWISE® floor coatings technology, we are able to offer best-in-class warranties leaving you free of worry while enjoying a peel and crack free floor forever.
Our wide range of floor coatings and custom garage storage solutions are designed to create elegance for both your home & office. Like the wise elephant, WISE Coatings stands for durability, resilience, strength, wisdom and toughness. WISE Coatings truly is your one-stop-shop for all things flooring, storage and organization.
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Wise Coatings does so more than simply installing resin and epoxy floors. We’re artists and craftsmen  giving depth and beauty to your home and office. Work with your own designer, choose a service option and get started on your journey to beautifully installed floors and storage systems.

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Create your dream, custom floor the WISE way. From epoxy floor coatings to state-of-the-art Polyaspartic applications, you can sit back, relax and watch your dream garage come to life. In most cases, in only one day. Give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!

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In business, first impressions mean everything. If you miss that critical moment to ‘wow’ your guests, chances are you’ll also miss the sale or the referral. Convert visitors to customers with WISE Coatings and create a floor that’s more than aesthetic. It’s an experience.

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We have our custom live flooring visualizer tool to see in real time what your new floor can and will look like. Simply click the button below to visit the page and follow along while you use your very own room to help pick a color and see the result.

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Here at Wise Coatings, we believe that our job isn’t just to provide epoxy flooring but to enhance your property. Our expert designers and installation specialists work hand in hand with you to give you the best flooring options that perfectly blend with your home’s interior and exterior.

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Our immaculate floor coatings will turn the mundane into elegant. Transform your garage into a showroom or make your warehouse floor more protected and easier to clean.
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In our industry a lifetime warranty is just not something that’s offered. Most contractors just can’t reliably stand by their work. Wise Coatings does. Get our WISE Lifetime warranty with your floor coating project.

We are run by home service entrepreneurs and service is what we know and do. Our team will care for your project and your property and the job won’t be done until you’re satisfied.

Our team is experienced and thorough with every floor coatings and storage project we install. Check out our gallery to see for yourself!

Too many companies use cheap epoxy. We use only premium grade, industry leading products that we can confidently warranty for life. 

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Making The Process Simple: Storage Pods For Your Project

Wondering where you will put all your stuff while we beautify your garage? We offer storage options and can help arrange delivery and pick-up of storage pods, allowing you the time to completely reorganize your garage, on your terms. No more throwing things in the basement, or front yard!

The hardest part of organizing a garage is going through the clutter. That’s why WISE Coatings offers services to aid and assist in organizing on your terms. Our flooring experts will go over this during your consultation. You’re only 1 call and 1 day away!
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FAQs of the Epoxy Garage Flooring Industry

If you’re looking to epoxy your garage floor, we recommend hiring a professional. This will ensure a quality finish and prevent any issues down the road.

There are a few key steps you need to take to epoxy your garage floor properly.

  1. You will need to clean the surface of the floor thoroughly. This process also includes grinding the cement to a smooth finish so that will adhere to the epoxy resin.  This means removing all dirt, grease, and oils from the surface. You can do this by using a degreaser or cleaner specifically made for garage floors.
  2. You will need to apply a primer to the floor. This will help the epoxy adhere better to the surface and will help ensure that the finished product looks good and lasts long.
  3. You need to apply the epoxy coat itself. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely so that you get the best results possible.

Professionals have the experience and knowledge to prep your floor correctly, which is critical for a successful epoxy coating. They’ll also be able to apply the coating evenly and ensure that it cures properly.

DIY kits are available, but we don’t recommend going this route unless you’re confident in your ability to follow directions and do the job correctly. Otherwise, you risk ending up with an inferior finish or even damaging your floor.

If you’re interested in epoxy garage floors, our advice is to hire Wise Coatings and your floor will last longer than a DYI garage floor.


The cost to epoxy garage floor can vary depending on a few factors.

  • First, the size of your garage will impact the overall price.
  • Second, the type of epoxy you choose will also affect the cost. Typically, water-based epoxies are less expensive than solvent-based epoxies. However, solvent-based epoxies typically provide superior protection and durability.
  • Third, the condition of your concrete will also play a role in the price. If your concrete is in good condition, then it will likely be less expensive to coat than if it is in poor condition.

Finally, the brand of epoxy you choose can also impact the price. In general, higher quality epoxies will be more expensive than lower quality brands.

The cost to epoxy a garage floor varies depending on a number of factors, but in general, you can expect the cost to start at $2,000 for a professional to do the job right. This includes the cost of materials, labor, and any necessary equipment rental. Of course, the actual price will vary depending on the size and condition of your garage floor, as well as the specific products and methods used.

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