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Having a warehouse epoxy floor can save you thousands and thousands of dollars. With epoxy flooring, you will cut your floor finishing cost by more than half!

Epoxy warehouse floor coatings are durable and can withstand machinery weight and corrosive liquids. They’re waterproof, and they can take on just about anything. What makes them even better than other surface finishes is that they prevent concrete from dusting.

When your warehouse floor is fully-coated with epoxy, you won’t have to worry about concrete dust that may damage your goods. Moreover, it also protects your floor from chipping, cracking, and other damages that may cost you a fortune when it necessitates repair.
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Concrete flooring alone is good enough. But would you want to settle with that and face costly repairs in the future just because you didn’t prepare? If not, these are areas you need to consider coating with epoxy!
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Our immaculate floor coatings will turn the mundane into elegant. Transform your garage into a showroom or make your warehouse floor more protected and easier to clean.
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In our industry a lifetime warranty is just not something that’s offered. Most contractors just can’t reliably stand by their work. Wise Coatings does. Get our WISE Lifetime warranty with your floor coating project.

We are a company run by serial entrepreneurs and service is what we know and do. Our team will care for your project and your property and the job won’t be done until you’re satisfied.

Our team is experienced and thorough with every floor coatings and storage project we install. Check out our gallery to see for yourself!

Too many companies use cheap epoxy. We use only premium grade, industry leading products that we can confidently warranty for life.
Warehouse Flooring FAQ

Keep Your Warehouse in Top Condition

Epoxy warehouse floor coating installation can improve its flooring longevity. Plus, it also makes sure that your goods and workers are safe.

Yes. Although you do not need to use any unique solutions (a generic one will do just fine), you still need to clean it. That is probably the only maintenance that you have to work on when you have epoxy flooring.
Yes. As long as your base flooring (concrete) is without chips and cracks, coating epoxy will take only a few hours to complete. However, it also depends on the total surface area that needs to be covered.
Absolutely. If you want to save time and money, we can coat your warehouse flooring with a basic protective epoxy-resin layer that will protect your floor from the elements. Nonetheless, it will still end up with a clean, smooth, and glossy finish.
Upgrade Your Floor

Get WISE Today!

Our immaculate floor coatings will turn the mundane into elegant. Transform your garage into a showroom or make your warehouse floor more protected and easier to clean.
Nothing Beats Epoxy Flooring for Warehouses

Epoxy and Its Unbeatable Usage in Warehouses

Epoxy is, first and foremost, safe! Every warehouse owner knows how vital it is to keep his/her worker safe from accidents. Epoxy warehouse floor coating does not chip or crack when installed correctly and can have a rough texture for traction.

Other than avoiding accidents, Wise Coatings can add a variety of colors to your warehouse flooring to indicate signage — safety yellow arrows. We can also add safety walk areas for employees and areas for forklifts to keep everyone aware and free from accidents.
Moreover, epoxy is the most practical material you can use for warehouse flooring. It is durable and does not take too much time to install. Epoxy flooring also does not require any form of extensive maintenance; simple cleaning such as mopping will do just fine.
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