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Roofed-outdoor area with epoxy flooring
Patio with light-gray epoxy-finish floor
Affordable, Durable Patio Floor Coatings

The Right Choice: Patio Floor Coatings

Before you look at expensive or overpriced alternatives, consider outdoor flake flooring. At a fraction of the cost and installation in as short as 1 day, your patio flooring project doesn’t have to be more than a day at the office.

Available in hundreds of colors. Advancements in floor coating technology has come a long way in the past few years. With UV protection and lifetime warranties against cracking, peeling and delamination outdoor floor coatings with a Polyaspartic top coat not only looks amazing, but can also cost up to 3X less than other flooring options.

Maximizing space on your property is not only a good investment, but a great way to entertain family and guests year-round.
Now is the time to install a beautiful patio that requires little to no maintenance. Plus, you can have it finished in just a matter of hours!  Leave the patio floor coatings installation to the experts; leave it to WISE Coatings.
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Commercial Flake Flooring Application

Increased Safety With Little Maintenance

Unlike other flooring materials where you have to make do with what’s available, epoxy is different. When we install epoxy, you can have the design and color you want! Other than that, epoxy flooring installation is:
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Our immaculate floor coatings will turn the mundane into elegant. Transform your garage into a showroom or make your warehouse floor more protected and easier to clean.
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What Makes Wise Coatings Different?

In our industry a lifetime warranty is just not something that’s offered. Most contractors just can’t reliably stand by their work. Wise Coatings does. Get our WISE Lifetime warranty with your floor coating project.

We are a company run by serial entrepreneurs and service is what we know and do. Our team will care for your project and your property and the job won’t be done until you’re satisfied.

Our team is experienced and thorough with every floor coatings and storage project we install. Check out our gallery to see for yourself!

Too many companies use cheap epoxy. We use only premium grade, industry leading products that we can confidently warranty for life.
Patio flake flooring with polyurea sealing.
Natural polyurea flake floor on an outdoor patio.
Finished Patio Benefits

Bring Your Outdoors to Life

An unfinished patio, pergola, roofed garden, or any outdoor area with concrete flooring can be your biggest booster.
Epoxy patio coating can increase your property’s value significantly without overspending. Property appraisers will always consider your outdoors. If it looks beautiful, has a defined functionality, and will endure the elements, then your investment’s value will skyrocket, and that’s what epoxy can do!
Finished flooring is safer than concrete. Concrete can chip over time and may have an uneven surface that may trip you over.  An epoxy flooring, on the other hand, can have an even-textured finish (better traction). This feature keeps everyone safe and reduces the risk of accidents.
Epoxy can beat the best-looking tiles due to its incredibly versatile nature. You can have glossy finishes with stunning patterns and colors. Plus, epoxy will last longer because of its durability — waterproof, shock-resistant, and requires no maintenance.
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Our immaculate floor coatings will turn the mundane into elegant. Transform your garage into a showroom or make your warehouse floor more protected and easier to clean.
The Best Thing About Using Epoxy Outdoors

Epoxy's Biggest Strength

Apart from its robustness and low cost, epoxy is waterproof! And that’s why it beats tiles and wood finishes.
Epoxy resin floors do not stain due to liquid, and it’s even resistant to oils, some corrosive liquids, and blunt force due to dropped objects. Your outdoors is exposed to all that we’ve mentioned, and opting for other material may give you more costly problems in the future.
Having an epoxy patio coating for your outdoor surfaces will protect your investment from the outdoors. It won’t be affected by alternating heat and rain and won’t cost you a fortune. It’s a practical approach to home improvement that will stun your guests and give you the curb appeal of your dreams.
Sample terrazzo floor up close.

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