What Kind of Flooring Should I Use For My Baby Nursery?

Are you expecting a baby? Is your nursery done? Getting your nursery ready for your new bundle of joy can be a big challenge. From finding the right colors for your walls to making sure the crib and diaper table is placed in the right spots, your journey to making your nursery is one that may require great detail. But what about your flooring? The right flooring for your nursery determines if it is right for the look you are going for and if it is as durable as you need it to be.

Scratch-Resistant Laminate

If you are looking for fairly inexpensive flooring for your new nursery, the fairly durable and scratch-resistant laminate flooring is right for you. Ranging from $1 to $3 per square foot, laminate flooring is a popular choice for any nursery or playroom. Many parents also choose this flooring because it is easy to clean.

Soft Carpet

While carpet may be a little tougher to clean, its softness of it is perfect for your child for crawling on or playing on. Your chosen carpet is also good for complementing the design of the crib and any other furniture you plan on putting in the nursery. If you do decide to have carpet installed in your nursery, asking a professional about the installation process and the best colors for a nursery will help make a decision about if carpet is the right choice.

Get Cork

Naturally anti-allergenic and anti-microbial, cork flooring is a great choice for your new nursery or playroom. This warmer and softer than wood flooring provides a comfortable and safe nursing or play area. This means if a slip or fall happens, their fall will be cushioned. In addition, cork has become a chosen flooring for playrooms and nurseries because of its eco-friendly flooring solutions. Durable and resilient, if you are interested in making this soft flooring part of your nursery, you may have to pay as much as $8 per square foot. 

Keep it Eco-Friendly With Bamboo

One of the most popular with the eco-friendly crowd, bamboo flooring provides a strong, durable, and considerably less-expensive alternative to hardwood. Bamboo flooring is also one of the cheapest green flooring options available, with it running between $5 to $7 a square foot. Another great feature about bamboo is that it is resistant to pests and requires no dangerous pesticides, which makes it a perfect choice for your nursery.

While turning your little one’s nursery into something amazing is a parent’s dream, finding the right flooring to fit your needs will only make you love your nursery even more.