What is Polyurea and How Can It Protect My Home?

A fter high traffic coming in and out of your home, the protection of your flooring in the garage may need an upgrade. Whether working on cars or working out in your home gym, your flooring can encounter a lot. With the right protection, however, your floor will not have to age before its time. Floor coatings like polyurea are your protection in the garage whenever oils and stains get on it and your protection from your floor coating aging quickly.

What Is Polyurea?

Very durable and reliable, polyurea is a material that is the subset to polyurethane. Many homeowners use polyurea because it is long lasting and prevents the floor from breaking down. Polyurea is made to create a barrier, protecting the floor from scratches, the weather, and other traumas that may damage the garage floor. After making the decision to use polyurea, many homeowners fall in love with it because it is easy to install. 

How Can Installing Polyurea Protect My Home?

Whether fixing a car or doing work in the garage, polyurea coating will protect your floor from any permanent damage that may be inflicted. Once your polyurea coating is installed you will see the difference and why it has been chosen by a lot of homeowners as their choice for coating when working in the garage. 

  • Slip Resistant – Installing polyurea in your garage will guarantee that your floor will be slip resistant and you will not have to worry about liquids or oils becoming a problem for you or your guests.
  • Provides Moisture Barrier – If your garage gets too much moisture, having polyurea coating installed will help with making sure the moisture does not affect the floor.
  • Longer Lifespan – The lifespan of your floor will last a lot longer with polyurea coating.

Along with polyurea coating being used for the garage, it is also used for basement coating and the outdoor pool area, which means that polyurea is a good coating for anything you plan on using the area for.