Which is Better For Dancing, Epoxy or Vinyl?

Are you hoping to catch a groove? Whether you have a dance school or a nightclub, the type of flooring you choose depends on how appealing it is. With the right flooring, you will not have to worry about the embarrassment of your dance floor not being extravagant. Another benefit of having the right dance floor for your building is the many options that come with new flooring. But narrowing down those options to epoxy or vinyl will introduce you to many different designs and themes for your dance space.

Clean and Stylish

Whether looking for flooring for the perfect smooth jazz moment or looking for an extravagant ballroom dance floor, you deserve a perfect floor that will stand out favorably. You will find these qualities in epoxy flooring. Durable and stylish, your epoxy flooring will help you and your dancers have fun with all of your favorite dance routines. Epoxy is also popular with dance schools because of its robustness and its self-leveling feature. In addition, dancer facilities have embraced the beauty of epoxy as well as the many design options that come with it. However, while epoxy may have the robustness to make it luxurious, it takes longer to harden and its maintenance can be costly. So, if money is no object and you still want the experience of self-leveling epoxy flooring, then give it a try.

Soft and Affordable 

If you want to go a different route with your dance floor then vinyl is another good option. Many dance studios choose vinyl because it is softer than wood and concrete. Vinyl is also relatively cheap. So, if you are on a budget, vinyl flooring for your new dance floor is a good way to go. In addition, there are many ways to go with designs to make your flooring exceptional. Unfortunately, this unique flooring cannot be repaired once it is damaged and is hard to recycle. 

While both epoxy and vinyl serve as excellent options for your amazing dance floor, the cons should only matter if it doesn’t fit what you need. Finding the right flooring may be one of the biggest tasks to take on when doing a building project but choosing the right flooring that fits your needs will never steer you wrong.